Last week end, our wonderful Trail Snails took part in a virtual event called Boobilicious to raise awareness and money for Breast Cancer charities. The event is run by Grim Up North and for those who don’t know what a virtual race is… basically, you can run a distance of your choice within a set time frame, submit results to the organiser and then get a lovely medal in the post.  The Trail Snails participation event was organised by our fabulous ‘Snail, Jo Milne, so here she is to tell you all about the event…
“Hi, I’m Jo and I joined Snails C25K in September 2018, having never run a day in my life before.  Unbelievably, not only am I still running, but most importantly I am absolutely loving it and this is all down to my fabulous running group.
Ever since starting my running journey, the people I have met, who I now call my friends, are the reason why I am achieving things I never thought possible.  The social element and camaraderie of Snails is what still continues to motivate me on every run. I get just as much pleasure sharing in all my fellow Snails journeys and success (if not more so), as I do my own.
I have never (and still don’t) enjoyed running solo.  I find it lonely, difficult and boring.  I love nothing more than having a natter about anything and everything with my running buddies.  It makes the run easier, go faster and actually be a whole lot more enjoyable (and also always encourages me not to stop!).  The social element of my running journey, is equally as important as the physical achievements.  
The beauty of our social runs, is that we can incorporate both of the factors most important to me – 1. enjoying the run, 2. catching up with my buddies. Only issue is, we never have enough time…….
So, at the start of the year I saw on social media that a local running event, It’s Grim Up North, were arranging a virtual charity 5K race in support of two breast cancer charities, It’s Boobilicious Up North. Those that know me, know that I LOVE to organise and plan events, so my mind started to tick…..maybe we could combine all my favourite things…..a run for charity, with my running buddies and the promise of food and a few post run gins!  What’s not to love?
And so it was born……we agreed the date of Sat 4th May (bank holiday weekend) and spread the word to see who wanted to join.  The support from Snails was fantastic! 29 of us signed up to run. 
Breast cancer is a cause close to many ‘Snails hearts.  Armed with our luminous pink t shirts, we were Saltaire bound along the canal.  The response from other canal users was ACE, as we looked like bright pink firefly’s making our way back along the river.  The route was a 5K route and went on the canal to Saltaire, through Robert’s park and then back along the canal to the Fisherman’s pub. Despite a poor weather forecast, the Gods were good to us and the massive sleet shower kindly held off until we were tucked up in The Fisherman’s, gins firmly in hand!
Even though we may meet 3 times a week to run, it was really great to enjoy the social, whilst most importantly raising much needed monies for two fantastic charities.
Only downside is, we had such a great day that we are all now talking about what we are doing next……no pressure then, eh??”
Thank you Jo for organising. It’s estimated that the ‘Snails participation will have raised in the region of £1000 which is being donated to Breast Cancer charities by Grim Up North.
Trail Snails get Boobilicious

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